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Ozisun not only provides complete guidance about solar systems, but also offers reliable installation service in Brisbane. We have a team of solar experts who have years of experience in their respective fields. Our reliable solar installation service gives peace of mind to customers who want to save their time and energy by hiring a professional team of solar experts. Unlike the other companies, our solar experts follow a complete process and do every step in a professional manner.

Ozisun – Efficient Solar Installation Service

Ozisun experts consider various factors before installing a solar system. They visit their location and check the environment to check whether or not the place is suitable for the installation of your required solar system.

Roof Inspection: It’s the first step of installation process that our experts perform. Make sure your roof is in good condition and capable to bear the weight of solar system. Repair the damages if there are any so you don’t have to face any inconvenience later. Solar installation Brisbane is a professional service and can be done on both flat and titled roofs. However, more money is required in the case of flat roof as experts have to place angled brackets to mount solar panels.

Check the Sunshine:  How shaded is your roof? It’s a big concern because solar panels need more sunlight. So, if there are any trees stopping the sunlight, then you need to trim them to prevent sunlight blockage. They also check the best angles where solar cells perform efficiently and produce maximum energy.

Devices Inspection: the next step of solar installation Brisbane process is device testing. Our experts check the feasibility of your device and evaluate whether or not they are suitable for solar system. If a few devices don’t meet the required criteria, then they ask to replace them or also check how much energy they you can get through solar while using the current devices.

Price of Electricity: If electricity bills are higher in your area, then it means you will save more money. Electricity bills in Brisbane are a bit higher than other areas which make solar the best choice for economical class that can’t afford high bills.

Future Needs:  Our experts discuss your future plans as well. For example, are you thinking about leaving home or any plan to adjust more people in your home? With the help of your future plans, our experts determine if you need small or large solar system.

Features of Our Solar Installation Brisbane Service

Solar installation Brisbane offers multiple benefits to customers which re mentioned-below.

  • Complete pre-inspection.
  • Complete analysis of requirements.
  • Proper maintenance.
  • Affordable rates.

You can contact us anytime as we offer 24-hours solar installation service in Brisbane and provide premium quality services to customers.