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Ozisun Solar is a big name is Solar industry of Brisbane that deliver high quality solar panels at affordable rates. We design solar panel systems according to the needs of Australian weather conditions. Being an experienced solar company, we are familiar with different types of solar panels and their work efficiency. That’s why we know which is the best option for domestic usage and which would perfectly fulfill commercial needs.

Types of Solar Panels in Brisbane We Provide

If you are thinking about buying a solar panel and confused which should be the best option for you, then you are landed at the right place as Ozisun Solar provides all types of solar panels at affordable rates. Our experts also provide complete guidance about the solar panels and help you choose the best type after evaluating your needs. There are different factors which are necessary to consider to make a lucrative deal. Here are the types of solar panels we provide to our Australian clients.

Crystalline Silicon

About 90% solar panels are based on silicon and the difference of quality is purity. The more purified form you will choose; the better results you will get. It’s an efficient type of solar panels that deliver quality. Our experts divide it further into two types, i.e. Monocrystalline Solar Cells and Polycrystalline Solar Cells.

Mono Crystalline Solar Panel

They are made of silicon ingots which four sides are joined to make a wafer. It’s the highest quality type of silicon that also has highest efficiency rate up to 15-20%. They have various benefits such as:

  • Highest Efficiency.
  • Space Efficient.
  • Longer Life Time.

They work well in warm weather and highly recommended for the inhabitants of Brisbane. You need to be careful in maintenance as dirt and shade can break the entire circuit. Due to the premium quality, mono crystalline cells are expensive than other types.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel:

Unlike the mono crystalline solar panels, polycrystalline panels are different in manufacturing as raw silicon is melted and then dry out to cut into equal square wafers. The benefits of this type of solar panels are as follows:

  • They are simple and require less efficiency.
  • Lower heat tolerance and perform well even in lesser warm areas.
  • Efficiency isn’t dependent on weather conditions and is up to 13%.

They have a uniform look and occupy more space. That’s why they are not recommended for small houses.

String Ribbon Solar Panels

They are made of polycrystalline silicones and recommended to customers having low budget. they use half the amount of silicon cells than monocrystalline cell. They have the lowest space efficiency.

Cadmium Telluride Solar Panel

Its efficiency is up to 9% and made of thin film solar cell technology. It works well for small houses and offices as backup energy.

Reasons to Choose Us

Ozisun solar panels are effective and long lasting. We provide complete solution of energy and never deliver a low quality service. Discuss your needs with us and let’s decide the best solar panel in Brisbane for you.